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To find out more information about PathWest Clinical Staff, please click on the staff members name below.

NB: Not all staff profiles are currently available. These will be completed shortly.

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Fremantle Hospital Pathologists
Dr David McGechie Dr Helen Darragh Dr Ross Glancy Dr Cindy Forrest
Dr Michael Leahy Dr Malcolm Webb Dr Andrew McQuillan Dr Frank Cordingley
Dr Dominic Mallon Dr Tiffany Hughes Dr Melissa Gillett Dr Michael Texler
Dr Mina John      
QEII Medical Centre Pathologists
Dr Chotoo I Bhagat Dr Jill Finlayson Dr Peter Hollingsworth Dr David Joyce
Dr Clay Golledge Dr Tim Inglis Dr David Smith Dr David Speers
Dr Dominic Spagnolo Dr Felicity Frost Dr Ee Mun Lim Dr Greg Sterrett
Dr Brad Augustson Dr Gavin Cull Dr David Joske Dr Benhur Amanuel
Dr Bastiaan De Boer Dr Jennet Harvey Dr Frank Hughes Dr Ai-Rene Kee
Dr Jenny Lewis Dr Jenny Ma Wyatt Dr Anup Naran Prof John Papadimitriou
Dr Myfanwy Plunket Dr Peter Robbins Dr Wayne Robinson Dr Amanda Segal
Dr Keith Shilkin Dr Bret Snowball Dr Susan Sparrow  
Royal Perth Hospital Pathologists
Dr Keryn Christiansen Dr Ronan Murray Dr Jim Flexman Dr Chris Heath
Dr Sam Vasikaran Dr John Burnett Dr Paul Glendenning Dr Martyn French
Dr Simon Mallal Dr David Nolan Dr Mina John Dr Patty Martinez
Dr Keryn Christiansen Dr Vikki Fabian Dr Dugal McCallum Dr Tersia Vermeulen
Dr Rajalinga Sinniah Dr John Papadimitriou Dr Cecily Metcalf Dr Richard Herrmann
Dr Ross Baker Dr Julian Cooney Dr Ben Carnley Dr Nicole Staples
Dr Paul Cannell      
Women and Newborn Health Service and Child and Adolescent health Service Pathologists
Dr Andrew Barr Dr Catherine Cole Dr Barry Lewis Dr Jamie Price
Dr Nicholas M Smith Dr Adrian Charles Dr Barbara Brennan Dr Colin Stewart
Dr Tony Laden Dr Richard Loh Dr Dominic Mallon Dr Anthony Keil
Dr Helen Darragh Dr Tiffany Hughes Dr Gareth Jevon Dr Ai-Rene Kee