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Welcome to PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA.

PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA is committed to providing excellence and innovation in pathology testing, teaching and research, positively contributing to the health ad wellbeing of the community.

We have a proud service record and as Western Australia's leading referral pathology laboratory we respond to the needs of virtually every medical practitioner in the State.

We offer a round-the-clock commitment to the health needs of the entire Western Australian community through our 24 hour laboratory facilities, results lines and on call clinicians.

Supporting this is a network of 25 laboratories and the convenience of over 50 specimen collection centres spread across the State from Esperance through to Kununurra making PathWest's services accessible to everyone.

PathWest's pathology services cover the broadest range of routine, complex and rare tests. We have experienced, expert pathologists in all specialty disciplines and highly qualified and skilled scientific staff, using the most modern equipment and techniques.

Our active teaching, clinical research and pathology development programs assist not only in enhancing diagnostic accuracy but also in improving the understanding of disease processes and of clinical care.